"The Magic of the Sun Playing with the Moon"

2024-05-11 -> 2024-06-22

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BIG RAMP is pleased to announce “The Magic of the Sun Playing with the Moon”, curated by co-directors Alexandra Schoolman and Michelle Anne Harris. Call it what you will — science, the divine, synchronicity, magic — but there was a shared sense of awe this past April 8th in the northern hemisphere when for a maximum of four minutes and thirty seconds the light of the Sun was shielded from Earth by the Moon’s cratered surface. The perfection of proportion, the sun being 400 times bigger than the moon and 400 times further away, is equally impressive and daunting. BIG RAMP’s exhibition, opening six weeks after this celestial display, acknowledges how the two most important astronomical bodies to our planet also have a relationship with each other.

Jason Lazarus  

Stephanie Manzi  

Japeth Mennes  

Paolo Mentasti  

Lauren Nickou  

Amira Pualwan  

Kristen Neville Taylor  

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